About Us


Wendy and I began our journey back at Life Chiropractic College where we both shared the same passion for helping others feel better and live better.  We are so grateful to see the amazing potential that we all possess, and to see it better expressed on a regular basis through Chiropractic care.  We absolutely love being Chiropractors and the people we meet along our journey.

After graduating in 1996 from Life Chiropractic University, we have enjoyed practicing in Pennsylvania, Ohio and where we now call home North Carolina. We’ve been in Holly Springs since 2003, growing a busy practice and changing Lives!

We have been extremely blessed to have three amazing, healthy boys – Luke, Jase and Seth and where Wendy’s primary focus is spent enjoying being a Mom.  She maintains her passion to help people by being a cover doctor across the country on a part time basis.  Tom has continued to pursue their mission; to provide convenient and affordable chiropractic care to as many community members as possible.  I take care of tiny babies, kids, teens, students, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas.  I love educating the public and sharing the miracles of Chiropractic with whoever I can.


Call today for a consultation (919) 577-3974 or click hear to email us.  If you like easy, you’ll love our practice!