It’s All In Your Head

It’s All In Your Head


“It’s All In Your Head.”

This has been the answer to many questions throughout time and is commonly used by Medical Professionals when they are ineffective at drugging you into a state of oblivion. When all else fails it turns to, “It’s all in your head” or, “It’s in God’s hands now.”

These are some interesting points even though they’re not intended to be at the time or by the person they typically come from. For one, The Brain is by all means the control center of every facet of the human experience. All control of all things originates here. Thought control, physiological control, Emotional control, Chemical Control etc. In all reality, Everything You Experience whether Consciously or Subconsciously is, “All In Your Head.”
If any Practitioner or Individual that said that, truly understood The Potential behind that statement, The World would be a different and better place.
If The Potential that’s, “All In Your Head” were able to be Expressed without Interruption, You would be Far Better than you are today. The Chiropractic Discovery of The Subluxation did ONE GREAT THING that is unmatched and unable to be duplicated. It was the Discovery that enabled All that was in your head to be Expressed into All that makes up your body. When that Connection is compromised, even slightly, so is Your Potential. When that Connection is Maximized, So is your Potential. The choice becomes obvious, Live at Your Full Potential or Live Compromised.

The statement, “It’s in God’s Hands Now”, implies that, at some point, It was taken out. That seems like a recipe for failure. I would highly recommend that you keep it in God’s Hands ALWAYS. Any procedure that would remove it, however briefly, is a poor idea.

If you see a “Chiropractor” yet all of these ideas are foreign to you, chances are, Your “Chiropractor” is practicing Physical Therapy or playing Nutritionist or something other than what they were always intended to be. One who has the degree and one that Practices accordingly are 2 extremely different things. A Master of Connection rarely is interested in mixing it with everything else. It’s possible, just not probable.

Live Fully Connected so all that is “In Your Head” can be Expressed through The Rest of You. While you’re at it, Keep ALL of it in God’s Hands ALWAYS.