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A Matter of Millimeters

A Matter of Millimeters:  In plastic surgery, millimeters count. A subtle shift in the nasal bones towards mid line, a slight tightening of the tissues around the eyes, just a bit more lift in the chin… all can dramatically change

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Feeling a Bit Rusty

Feeling a Bit Rusty:  Does it take a while for you to get going in the morning? Are you joints stiff and achy when you first wake up, and take a few hours to loosen? Stiff, tired joints can leave

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Alignment and Spark

Alignment and Spark:  Can a car with bad alignment still be driven? Yes – but it will never steer to its potential. How about one running on 5 cylinders instead of 6? Yes, it too can get you from point

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Maintaining the Golden Goose

Maintaining the Golden Goose: We all have excuses for not getting to the Chiropractor more often – too many appointments, too many responsibilities, too many ‘you fill in the blanks.’ You’re the golden goose and you have little time and

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Knock on Your Spine

Knock on Your Spine:  Some people think wellness is a matter of luck – as if you hit the genetic lottery with a great immune system, perfect organic function and loads of energy. Actually, you don’t have to knock on

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Subluxation Tuesday

Subluxation Tuesday:  Thanksgiving is over, so let the shopping stress begin! Millions of people worldwide will spend the next several weeks in a buying frenzy – determined to secure the perfect gift for a rock bottom price, all while sacrificing

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An ADIO Thanksgiving

An ADIO Thanksgiving:  It’s Thanksgiving time, and in staying with custom, we’d like to share with you a few things we are truly grateful for this year. Here’s a short list… We’re thankful for Subluxatation free spines, mobile joints and

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When Your Back Gets the Boot

You woke up this morning, tried to get out of bed only to discover your back is completely locked up – like a steel parking boot has been slapped on it, rendering your whole body UN-driveable. Maybe you should have

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Soaking Up Stress

Soaking Up Stress:  Your Nerve System is the ultimate sponge, soaking up all the experiences, sensations and stresses you encounter every day. Like a sponge, it can only absorb so much before it becomes over-saturated and spills stress into your

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Your Personal Google

Your Personal Google:  How much stomach acid does it take to digest a cheeseburger? Or, how much calcium is needed to heal a broken leg? How about a fever, how high should it reach to fight a common cold? You

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