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Knock on Your Spine

Knock on Your Spine:  Some people think wellness is a matter of luck – as if you hit the genetic lottery with a great immune system, perfect organic function and loads of energy. Actually, you don’t have to knock on

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When Entropy Wins

When Entropy Wins:  A gradual decline to disorder – this is the law of entropy, where exposure to external forces without protective resistance leads to break down. Leave a classic car exposed to the elements without protection and it eventually

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If You Think It’s a Muscle

If you think it’s a muscle:  You’re right, your pain could be coming from a muscle.  It could also be coming from a joint, a ligament, a tendon, some fascia, a bone, a blood vessel or just about any deep

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Daylight Adjusting Time

What do Daylight Savings Time and a Chiropractic Adjustment have in common?  Both give you more LIGHT – get it!  The primary purpose of Chiropractic is to locate and correct Subluxations.  If you break the word down you get:  SUB

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Fasten Your Spine

When rough air approaches, pilots put on the seat belt warning light to assure your safety during a turbulent flight.  When Life gets bumpy, fasten your spine with Chiropractic care to keep you ‘strapped in’ and safe too. During excessive

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Hanging With The Healthy Crowd

You’ve probably set goals to improve your lifestyle and get your health on track in 2014.  The question is, are you hanging out with the right people to succeed? There’s a saying that goes ‘if you want to be happy,

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Dom Peri-Spine

So what’s with the popping associated with certain types of Chiropractic adjustments?  Isn’t cracking your joints supposed to be bad for you? Not all Chiropractic techniques involve the ‘cavitation’ of joints (the escape of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, which

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LIFE and HEALTH, Not Feeling Good or Bad

    Chiropractic is about Life and Health, not about feeling good or bad. Unfortunately only a small percentage of the population actual understand that chiropractic care enhances life, improves performance and allows the body to adapt to and thrive

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“Yoga’s Nice, But….”

It’s not the same as Chiropractic.  Yoga comprises a Hindu system of stretches, poses and exercises to enhance mind / body control.  It’s great for improving your coordination and core muscle strength. Chiropractic, on the other hand, is based on

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Not so IN-Dependent

  In a recent Mayo Clinic study, researchers determined that nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half receive at least two prescriptions. Twenty percent of U.S. patients were also found to

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