LIFE and HEALTH, Not Feeling Good or Bad

LIFE and HEALTH, Not Feeling Good or Bad



Chiropractic Focuses

Chiropractic is about Life and Health, not about feeling good or bad.

Unfortunately only a small percentage of the population actual understand that chiropractic care enhances life, improves performance and allows the body to adapt to and thrive in this stressful thing we call LIFE. The majority of our population has been trained in a medical paradigm that only focuses on the diagnosing of and treatment of a condition (symptoms) which ultimately leads to a false sense of security about their health. Most people think if you feel good, then you must be healthy and if you feel bad you must be sick. This medical paradigm (sick care system) has also trained the public to look to Chiropractors as an alternative means to treat conditions like neck pain or low back pain.   Although many chiropractors claim to treat conditions, it is not chiropracTIC

Regardless of the condition, at Sunset Ridge Chiropractic we go right into what our intent is and what we will be looking for when their spine is checked. We show the connection their brain has with their body and how the nerves communicate ALL the information they need to live. When a vertebra (bone in your back) is misaligned, due to any stress you’ve had in life from birth till now, it is called a subluxation.  A subluxation interferes with the transmission of LIFE between the brain and body and is the only thing a chiropractic client will be checked and adjusted for at Sunset Ridge Chiropractic. The purpose is so you can function better, with ease, on every level!! So whether you have neck pain, back pain, menstrual cramps/erectile dysfunction, irregular heart beat, allergies, sinus problems, headaches, (you name it), your body will start working and healing better like designed.

More LIFE expression = more HEALTH!