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Once You Go

Once You Go:  One of the most misunderstood beliefs about chiropractic is that once you start, you have to go forever. It’s true, many Chiropractic clients choose to continue care on a regular wellness basis after experiencing great results, but

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Stuck In A Subluxation

Stuck In A Subluxation:  Getting stuck in a rut is an inconvenient thing. Without adequate traction, you end up spinning your wheels in a muddy trench, going nowhere fast until someone tows you into the clear. When your Nerve System

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Light Up Your Life

A chain reaction occurs when a small event ignites a reaction nearby, setting off another reaction, then another, until it produces an ultimate result. Getting your health back with Chiropractic care happens in a similar way. Chiropractors start the process

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Avoiding A Train Wreck

Avoiding a Train Wreck:  Medical preventative care focuses mainly on the early detection and treatment of disease. Their thinking – if you catch a condition in its earliest stage (i.e. breast cancer or diabetes), you have a better chance of

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Keeping Your Edge

Keeping Your Edge:  If you want to be better at work, better in sports, or better for your family… regular Chiropractic care can give you the edge you’re looking for to be more productive in all aspects of your Life.

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Unlearning Bad Habits

Unlearning Bad Habits:  If you decide to take up golf without investing in a few lessons first (like our friend former NBA All Star, Charles Barkley did) you’re bound to develop some bad habits. And once those bad habits get

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Subluxated on the Line

Subluxated on the Line:  A productive assembly line relies on precise timing, combined effort and coordinated team work.  If one worker falls asleep on the job, the others are forced to pick up the slack.  If left mismanaged, the remaining

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A Dime’s Worth of Damage

The weight of a dime, 8-10 mm of Hg, that’s all it takes to drain normal nerve transmission to a trickle.  Stretching a nerve by as little as 6% can also decrease it’s signal strength by 70%.   So what does

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Flexible Like A Fiddle head

Flexible Like A Fiddle head Young fern shoots are flexible and supple as compared to the old, fallen leaves and brittle tree branches that surround them in early spring.  The former is full of Life and potential, the later –

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Daylight Adjusting Time

What do Daylight Savings Time and a Chiropractic Adjustment have in common?  Both give you more LIGHT – get it!  The primary purpose of Chiropractic is to locate and correct Subluxations.  If you break the word down you get:  SUB

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