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Aging Like A Fine Wine

Aging Like A Fine Wine:  There’s an art to aging wine. The temperature of the cellar, the seal of the barrel, the exposure to proper elements – and of course, time. These factors combined, create the delicate balance needed to

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Unlearning Bad Habits

Unlearning Bad Habits:  If you decide to take up golf without investing in a few lessons first (like our friend former NBA All Star, Charles Barkley did) you’re bound to develop some bad habits. And once those bad habits get

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Subluxated on the Line

Subluxated on the Line:  A productive assembly line relies on precise timing, combined effort and coordinated team work.  If one worker falls asleep on the job, the others are forced to pick up the slack.  If left mismanaged, the remaining

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If You Dropped a Brick

Question: If you drop a heavy brick on your foot, what’s the first thing you need to do to start the healing?  Answer:  Get the brick off your foot!  Sounds simple, but it’s true. Your foot CAN’T heal until the

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A Better Healthcare Game

Poor Rudolf, the enthusiastic little reindeer with the quirky glowing nose – no one wanted to play with him because he was different.  There was a time when the  Chiropractic profession was in the same sleigh. Before the famous 1987

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Don’t Forget Your Kids

Chiropractor – “Hey Mary, where are your kids?”   Mary – “I left them at home, they don’t have any back pain…”  Chiropractor – “That might be true, but do they have Subluxations?” Studies show that stress from the birth process

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Starter’s Spine

Starter’s soreness is common with many physical activities –  the ‘start’ of lifting weights, horseback riding or working in the garden after a long winter off.  ‘Starting’ Chiropractic care is no different. If you have joints, muscles and ligaments that

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Flipping Your Spine

Professional real estate flippers can recognize the beauty and value in any dilapidated house.  Take a home on the brink of falling apart, install some new hardwood floors, fix the foundation, upgrade the kitchen and bathroom fixtures and voila, you

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Rights And Responsibilites

You’re no doubt familiar with the basic human rights penned by Thomas Jefferson.   Our Creator did indeed bless us with Life, freedom and the ability to pursue happiness.  But when it comes to your healthcare, it’s important not to confuse

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Innate To Do List

Your sciatica isn’t easing as fast as you’d like, you’re chronic migraines are slow to abate.  Healing doesn’t happen at the rate you decide on, and there’s a good reason why. The Doctor inside you – innate intelligence – has

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