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Maintaining the Golden Goose

Maintaining the Golden Goose: We all have excuses for not getting to the Chiropractor more often – too many appointments, too many responsibilities, too many ‘you fill in the blanks.’ You’re the golden goose and you have little time and

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When Entropy Wins

When Entropy Wins:  A gradual decline to disorder – this is the law of entropy, where exposure to external forces without protective resistance leads to break down. Leave a classic car exposed to the elements without protection and it eventually

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Walking In One Shoe

Walking in One Shoe:  No one would entertain the thought of walking around with just one shoe on. Not only would it look funny, but it would be really bad for your feet, knees, hips, back and even your neck.

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The Achilles Subluxation

In Greek mythology, Achilles obtained his powers of strength and invincibility when his mother dipped him into the River Styxx. But because she held him by his heel, it was not washed by the water of the magical river. Achilles

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If You Think It’s a Muscle

If you think it’s a muscle:  You’re right, your pain could be coming from a muscle.  It could also be coming from a joint, a ligament, a tendon, some fascia, a bone, a blood vessel or just about any deep

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Subluxated on the Line

Subluxated on the Line:  A productive assembly line relies on precise timing, combined effort and coordinated team work.  If one worker falls asleep on the job, the others are forced to pick up the slack.  If left mismanaged, the remaining

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Triple Dog Innate Dare

You’ve been given the throw down.  Your family and friends are egging you on to try their Chiropractor.  But you don’t ‘believe’ in Chiropractic and doubt it would actually work for your health problems. The question isn’t whether you believe

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It’s All In Your Head

“It’s All In Your Head.” This has been the answer to many questions throughout time and is commonly used by Medical Professionals when they are ineffective at drugging you into a state of oblivion. When all else fails it turns

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Starter’s Spine

Starter’s soreness is common with many physical activities –  the ‘start’ of lifting weights, horseback riding or working in the garden after a long winter off.  ‘Starting’ Chiropractic care is no different. If you have joints, muscles and ligaments that

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Casts Don’t Heal

If you were unfortunate enough to break a bone, you know what it’s like to get casted.  With a little repositioning and some skilled plastering, the fracture is stable.  After a few weeks when the cast comes off, you’re just

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