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Aging Like A Fine Wine

Aging Like A Fine Wine:  There’s an art to aging wine. The temperature of the cellar, the seal of the barrel, the exposure to proper elements – and of course, time. These factors combined, create the delicate balance needed to

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When Entropy Wins

When Entropy Wins:  A gradual decline to disorder – this is the law of entropy, where exposure to external forces without protective resistance leads to break down. Leave a classic car exposed to the elements without protection and it eventually

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Light Up Your Life

A chain reaction occurs when a small event ignites a reaction nearby, setting off another reaction, then another, until it produces an ultimate result. Getting your health back with Chiropractic care happens in a similar way. Chiropractors start the process

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Keeping Your Edge

Keeping Your Edge:  If you want to be better at work, better in sports, or better for your family… regular Chiropractic care can give you the edge you’re looking for to be more productive in all aspects of your Life.

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Time to Get in Gear

Time to get in gear:  When you turn your neck or twist your back does your spine snap, grind and ratchet like a bicycle chain stuck in mid gear?  That grating noise could mean something’s out of alignment. Your spine

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A Dime’s Worth of Damage

The weight of a dime, 8-10 mm of Hg, that’s all it takes to drain normal nerve transmission to a trickle.  Stretching a nerve by as little as 6% can also decrease it’s signal strength by 70%.   So what does

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Quantity Counts – Time & Repetition

Quantity Counts – Time & Repetition is the key! A glass of water can put out a flame, but it won’t put out a raging forest fire – right idea, but it’s lacking in appropriate quantity.  The same can be

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Fasten Your Spine

When rough air approaches, pilots put on the seat belt warning light to assure your safety during a turbulent flight.  When Life gets bumpy, fasten your spine with Chiropractic care to keep you ‘strapped in’ and safe too. During excessive

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Restoring Innate Flow

A man turns on his tap, only to discover no water is coming out.  He calls his neighbor, a medical doctor, who knows a little about plumbing.  The MD turns the tap on and off a few times and also

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Frogs, Formaldehyde and Flu

If you remember high school biology class, you most likely remember the animal specimens you reluctantly had to dissect.  Worms, sheep brains and frogs – all preserved in an odiferous chemical solution of formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is also known for its

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